Friday, August 14, 2009

ABC's of Bear Lake Trip Part 1

A is for Abby. She was the queen of the trip and all of the girls wanted to sit by here, ride with her and play with her all of the time. Who can blame them? She is one of the sweetest girls around.
B is for "Bury Me!" We heard this over and over all week long!

C is for Cheese Factory. We stop every year at the Gossner Cheese Factory in Logan Utah. The kids could not get enough of the cheese curds!
D is for Digging! The kids were more than content to dig in the sand all day long. They played more in the sand than they did in the water. We were lucky enough to get the same spot on the beach everyday so they could pick up where they left off. E is for Emma! Being the oldest of the 19 Schofield grandkids, Emma is a huge help. She was always willing to play with, entertain and help keep track of all of the little ones!

F is for Family! We were lucky enough to have every member of the family at the reunion. Grandma and Grandpa Schofield came up for a day and Grandpa Rosecrans came down from Oregon to be with us.

G is for Gigantic Cinnamon Rolls

H is for Handsome Brothers!

I is for Ice! We went through so much ice that week, we were always running to the store to buy more.
J is for Josh! Things are always more fun with Josh around. He always seems to make us laugh and knows how to take charge of things when the need arises, plus he likes to prove that he is the toughest brother (Or so he thinks!)

K is for Kindle. Peter took his dang Kindle everywhere!

L is for Lucy aka LuLu. Lucy is so cute with such a spunky little attitude. We can't help but love her!

M is for "More, More, Faster, Faster!" The kids could not get enough of the boat, the water weeny and the tube!