Thursday, August 13, 2009

ABC's of Bear Lake Trip Part 2

N is for Nail and Hair Salon. With 6 girls under the age of 5 this happened on more than one occasion.

O is for "Oh No, where is the Dr. Pepper?" I cannot even count how many cases of Dr. Pepper we went through that week.P is for Papa, Pops, Papa T, or Papal. What ever you call him, he is the best Grandpa!
Q is for Quiet (or lack there of). In a house with 30+ people, quiet moments were hard to come by. R is for Raspberry Shakes. You can not go to Bear Lake with out eating a raspberry shake. The small town was over run with a mob of "Schofield Unite" t-shirt wearers on Friday night! S is for Sandcastles!T is for "Too Tight!"
U is for Unable to carry a tune! Karaoke Night definitely turned into Amateur Night. With the exception of Merrilee and her girls, the rest of us need some serious practice.

V is for Victory! There were many games of King of the Mountain! W is for Wake Surfing!

X is for "Xtreme" fun on the jet skis!

Y is for Yummy Food!

Z is for "Zonked Out!" We played so hard that by the end of the day we had worn out most if the kids and all of the adults! We had such a great trip, and can't wait until next year!


Schofield's said...

those pictures are so cute! that was such a fun vacation, glad you guys could make it up!