Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fishing Adventure

When I say fishing adventure, I mean it was a real adventure! Instead of going up to the canyon (which is only 10 minutes away) my dad and brother got the brilliant idea of driving an hour and a half to the Vernon Reservoir to go fishing. Not that I usually mind going out there, but it was all ready getting late. By the time we got there it was almost dark, and the fish were NOT wanted to bite. We stuck it out for a few hours, roasted hot dogs, (the smores ingredients were left on the kitchen counter) and decided to head for home about 9:00. Tyler and Nicole took off and we were following them in my van. Why I decided to take my "city-fied" van out on a dirt road is beyond me. The van decided to get even with me for taking it out of its comfort zone, by getting a flat tire. I consider my self a pretty capable women, and my dad is no dummy either, but I have never changed a tire on this car so,needless to say it took us over an hour to figure out how to get the spare tire lowered from underneath the van. After one hour, countless passing cars that never even slowed down to see if we were ok, and many children's prayers, we were on our way. Or so we thought. We soon noticed that the spare was low on air. Luckily the tiny town of Vernon has one gas station and it happened to have air. After filling up with air and Diet Coke from the 30 year old soda machine, we were on our way again. All the boys kept saying in that they wished Dad was there because he can fix anything! It was definitely an adventure, but it was one that taught a valuable lesson. The kids knew when it was time to pray with out coaxing from the adults. I was one proud mama!