Friday, August 7, 2009

Hogle Zoo

The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake just had a new baby giraffe.
Being that the giraffe is my favorite animal, we decided to take a trip up to see it. Stephanie and Kambree came with us. I have always loved going to the zoo, Matt not so much so we go when he is not with us. The kids had a good time, mostly. The boys were less than thrilled with the carousel and the train ride.

My boys are slowly losing the enjoyment of the "little" kid things and I am not quite sure what to think about that.
Ava and Sami were so excited to be able to purchase their own ticket for the train with the money they earned from helping Grandma Mary.
Sami loved the animals, Ava not so much. But she did enjoy the snake house. I swear she is not my daughter in that respect!


Emilie said...

The baby giraffe looks cute! I bet it is hard to find things that all your kids like with the age range. YOu guys sure pack in a lot of fun stuff when you come to Utah. I heard the Tracy Aviary is fun, maybe you could try that next time.