Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oquirrah Mountain Temple Open House

We were lucky enough to be in Utah the last week of the Oquirrah Temple Open House. We did not have tickets and decided to chance that we would be able to get in. My mom and dad, Stephanie and Erik, Grandma Mary and my kids and I headed to South Jordan. When we arrived there we were told that we could not get in unless we had tickets. My dad sweet talked some of us using the fact that we were visiting from out of state. He convinced them to let the rest of us go in if my parents stayed behind. So everyone minus my mom, dad, and Kambree went in. We skipped the pre tour movie and walked right to the front of the line.

It was beautiful! The kids were so excited to be able to go inside an actual temple. They liked the font and the sealing rooms the best. Ava kept pointing at all of the "Jesus pictures." It was a great experience; one that the kids are still talking about.


Laura said...

Oh Man! When we went without tickets we tried the "out of towners" bit and it did not work! We had to go down to a chapel nearby and wait a while to get the tickets...but it was sure worth it! I agree, it was so fun for the kids to go inside and see the temple!

Carlie said...

Gotta love parents, and their ability to get you into things you couldn't have! That is so neat you got to go...dan and I live here, and we didn't go to that one, or the draper one...we are slackers. The picts are cute, but how could they not be with your kids??