Friday, June 22, 2012

Currant Creek

The Skidmore family went to Currant Creek Utah this summer for a family reunion. We had a great time camping, fishing and visiting. Matt and I and our kids were in the old, rickety house trailer of my grandma and grandpas. This trailer has been around since I was a wee child. Some of the windows were broken so by the time that we got to the camp site, everything had a thick coating of dust on it. Even in  a 30+ year old trailer, we had a great time. We had conversations about the scriptures that we read, laughed about the fun things that happened that day, and enjoyed being together in close quarters. 

Jared was able to borrow a canoe and a couple of paddle boards. They were a huge hit! The boys were out most of the day on them catching fish. I love being in nature. It brings me peace. There are very few distractions and there is nothing but time to spend with those you love. 

 In true Easton form, his shoes were wet within five minutes. He took to wearing mud boots for the remainder of the trip!

 Tyler killing a potgut with Easton's bow. The boys tried the rest of the week to following suit!
 Traipsing through the creek looking and panning for gold!

 Water fight in the meadow

 Austin and Grandpa

Monday, June 18, 2012

Battle Creek Falls

My brother Jared is what you would call the "outdoorsy" type. The kids are finally getting to an age that he can actually enjoy doing stuff with them. So we decided to take them on a short hike in PG to some waterfalls. The kids had a great time and loved cooling off in the freezing cold water! Jared was great with them and a fun time was had by all.


Trying to teach the kids how to skip rocks

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Horsin' Around

 The kids love to spend time at the barn with my dad. The girls especially love the horses. I am glad that they are not scared. I remember as a kid being a little nervous around the horses. My dad and grandpa did not help the situation that much either. They were insistent that I make the horse do what I want and that is a little intimidating for a 6 year old! Thank heavens my dad is much more patient with my kids.

 Sami and Curly with the same hairstyle!

My dad trying to teach Ava and Curly to jump!