Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Day of School, Finally!!

Having year round school, it seems like it goes on forever! The boys had their last day today, only to have to start back up in two weeks. Easton graduated from kindergarten today and Austin is moving on to fourth grade. I can not believe how big my little boys are getting. Easton had a graduation ceremony where they sang songs in Spanish and English. They all did a really good job. His teachers said that he has a good grasp of the Spanish language.

Easton with his friends Paris, Broc and Parker.

After fighting the girls to be quiet during Eastons program, we had Austins award ceremony. Austin received an award for being on the honor roll every term this year.I am proud of both my boys. Their teachers could not say enough good things about them. It must be from all of the good parenting they get!!
It is times like this when I really miss Matt being around. He is busy with finals, and I know that he would rather be with us instead of pulling teeth out of some poor suckers mouth, well maybe he wouldn't! After Sami had her daily meltdown on the floor of the multi purpose room, I vowed to never take the girls in public again when they are expected to be quiet and calm. I had thought of getting a sitter, but then decided against it. What was I thinking? I know they will grow and things will get easier, right?


Emilie said...

Is it bad to say, but I am glad that other peoples kids have meltdowns too! That is so neat that your boys can speak Spanish and English. Enjoy your summer break :) ha ha!