Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anything to stay cool!

It has been unbelievably hot in Henderson lately. We are trying anything we can think of to stay cool. The pool is almost to warm to make it much fun. It is no longer refreshing. We decided to try ice blocking at the local park. We had a great time. The kids were a little confused about what to do, so Matt had to demonstrate for them first before they would try it on their own.

The kids are great at coming up with fun things to do in our patio that we call a backyard. Even with as little as it is, they seem to be able to find things that keep them occupied for a little while. Kids are great at improvising with what they have!

Ava loves popsicles so much that she will go to the fridge and point and scream, that is her new way of communicating right now. Why does she need to learn to talk, when we all give her what she wants anyway! You can certainly tell that she is the baby of the family. Hopefully she will grow up to be an independent person despite all of the babying that she receives! Don't you love her little "hoochie" swimsuit? Hey it was free, and you can always use another suit!


Emilie said...

How hot is it there? Your kids are so cute, and so is your new blog background! Will you be coming down here soon for your summer break?

Schofield's said...

Yes, I do love the "hoochie" swimsuit, very cute. :) Glad that you guys are keeping cool. We missed you at Bear Lake and hope to see you soon.