Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kid Free Vacation!

A few weeks ago Matt and I took our first kid free vacation ever! We have only left the kids maybe two nights total since Austin was born with out at least one of us home with them. This trip was LONG overdue. We went to Cancun Mexico with some good friends of our, Damon and Kelly. We stayed at the most gorgeous hotel with a perfectly white sandy beach.
We spent a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. We read on the beach, swam, drank a lot of pina coladas, and were actually able to close our eyes with out checking to see if some one was drowning or not! Not to mention that fact that we ate a lot!
We went out to Chichen Itza ruins. Matt and I had been there before, but it was a first for Damon and Kelly. It is an awesome sight to see the huge buildings out in the middle of the jungle.
After sweating our heads off at the ruins, we went swimming in a natural well called a cenote. It was beautiful! We had to walk down through a tunnel that was carved into the mountain to get to the water. The water was over 120 feet deep with vines growing down from the ceiling, which was at ground level.
On the fourth day there, Damon got really sick and ended up in the hospital. He was in the hospital for two days! We felt terrible. It was their first trip out of the country and he ended up getting horribly sick! While Damon was in the hospital and Kelly was keeping tabs on him, Matt and I went to an island called Isla Mujeras. It was absolutely beautiful and so quaint. When we got to the island we rented a golf cart and took off to go explore. We ended up on the north end of the island at the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. The water was crystal clear.
We swam out to a sand bar and were able to stand up in the middle of the bluest water. The far side of the island is not used for swimming because it is mostly rocky cliffs.
Matt and I found a way down and we found some HUGE seashells. They were a little beaten up from the rough rocks, but our kids thought that they were the best souvenirs ever. While we were out on the island, Matt was in his typical good samaritan form. A golf cart full of women got stuck in the sand and he stopped to help them out. This is so typical of Matt!
It was very hard to come back to reality and leave the beautiful beaches. Of course we could have stayed longer, but life has a way of rearing its ugly head at times! So after a LONG day of delayed flights, airlines changing terminals on us without notice, and literally running through airports to make connections, we made it home. It was so nice to be able to spend some one on one time with each other without having to think about the kids first. Damon and Kelly were great to travel with and we had so much fun, even with the fact that Damon got sick!
Thank goodness for my fabulous parents that took such great care of our kids. They were all sad to have to leave Grandmas and come home. This will definitely be something that we will do on a more regular basis. I'm not so sure that my mom wants to hear that! I think the kids wore her out and kept her hopping for the week!


Emilie said...

That looked so fun! I am glad you got some time away. Now back to real life hu? Sky and I want to go back there someday....

Amanda said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so happy for you guys (cept poor big D)! Next year we want to come (nice of me to invite myself:))You all look so happy. Your the best!!!

Schofield's said...

How fun!!! You guys looked like you had a blast! It's always so nice to get away. Glad you two had a nice vacation.

Mike and Alleen said...

Good for you guys! Everyone deserves a vacation! Can you hide me in your suitcase next time?