Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday Adventure

Now that Matt is finished with all of his major school stuff (YEA) he is around a lot more, including all day Saturday. We decided to head out to a little ghost town called Nelson. The boys were hoping to get some rabbit shooting in, but that didn't happen. We stopped in the town of Nelson to look around for a while. There was a lot of great old stuff to look at and explore.

After that we headed further down the road to the Colorado River. Complete with some rock throwing,

wrist rocket practice,
wading in the river,

a few minutes of swimming,
(it's amazing how far a few dollars go in childhood bribery)

and some hiking.It is strange to have the entire day together as a family again after what seems like forever in school. I think I could get used to this!


Anonymous said...

You deserve some good family time. Hopefully, it will continue! We've gone out to Nelson a couple of times (some great hiking trails out there); it's a neat little place. Glad you had a good time!


Katrina said...

I love family outings like this and you guys deserve it more than anyone after all that school! I am glad you guys had fun enjoying one another!

WHere is Nelson? Is it far?

Angela said...

How did we miss you?? We did the exact same thing last Saturday.

Rachelle said...

I bet you could get used to that. I'm glad that the light at the end of the tunnel is now in full view. Now I'll keep my fingers crossed for a job opening that suits your family. Thank you so much for the two bags of clothes. My kids loved them and so did Susana's. I love hand me downs!

Jason and Melissa said...

That's awesome that you get more time with your husband! I'm sure it's been a long haul for all of you. Way to go making it through! Looks like you had fun!