Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Train

We took our last ride on the Santa Train in Boulder City on Saturday. We have done this just about every year since we have lived here. Sami kept commenting that this was the best day ever! Matt and I decided that we were very glad that we live now and do not have to travel with four kids in a tiny train compartment for longer than 30 minutes! It was a fun time and NO crying when Santa came, we are making progress!


Rachelle said...

We bought tickets to go last year and had a train lovin fool, Colt so excited he could talk about anything else. Then about an hour before the ride I went to grab the tickets. . . . I couldn't find them anywhere. I was so sad. We tried to buy new ones but they were sold out! Ya it was devastating. I don't know who cried harder me or Colt. I continued to look and search for days and weeks and slowly the memory faded from my memory with only an occasional reminder here and there through out the year.

Then on New Years Eve this year we were dejunking our house and guess what Jon found?? That's right the tickets! They were on shelf in our room piled beneath a ton of our junk. I felt vindicated that it wasn't me that ruined the train ride last year, but that it was him; however, he maintain that they might have been found with his stuff but it was still my fault. Who knows! At least a year long mystery was solved and maybe we can do it next year. I don't know why I just typed out this long saga on your blog post except that the train pictures triggered the memory for me.