Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas is so much funner when there are kids involved. My dad made the comment that he hopes that we will not move back to Utah so that we can always come and visit for Christmas. We had a great Christmas and the kids were spoiled beyond belief again! Matt and I decided to forgo gifts this year for each other, but were still surprised by loving parents and grandparents. Sami was so excited for her new bike, she kept saying, "Mom, I got a new princess bike. And its a Huffy bike too!" Ava has turned into quite the beautician lately, so she was in seventh heaven with her new vanity set. The boys were super excited for all of their new gadgets and games. I love the Christmas season and love even more that my kids are beginning to grasp the true meaning of the season. They had a great opportunity Christmas Eve to put that feeling into action. My uncles found out about a family whose father was out of state looking for work and there would be no Christmas at their house that year. By the time we found out about it, the stores were all closed for the night. We explained the situation to the kids. Soon there was a bag full of gifts taken from our tree to be given to someone else. I hope that my kids remember the gifts that they gave instead of the gifts they received this year.

(my dad loved his new pink halter and lead rope from the girls)


Carlie said...

How in the world did you get all that stuff home? I bet your trunk was over flowing! We are so glad that we got to see you guys for a few days!