Thursday, June 11, 2009

Car Pains and Headaches!

Last week Matt's car finally gave out on us. We were hoping to be able to get through the next 10 months with it and then I told him he could ditch it on the side of the road when we drove out of town, or maybe use it as an extra incentive for people to buy our house. The car was not the best, but it was paid for. Well, no such luck! Austin and I were driving home from football sign ups when it starting smoking and stalled out on the freeway and then completely died on the off ramp of the freeway. (Thanks Jessica for taking pity on us and giving us a ride home!) The radiator was shot and the head gasket was blown. It was going to cost WAY more than the car was worth to fix it. My parents were able to bring a car down from Utah for us. We now have a great new car. We ended up having a new payment that we were trying to avoid, but what are you going to do? We are grateful for parents that are willing and able to help us out when we need it. My mom stayed here for a few days after my dad flew home. We then drove her to St. George to meet my grandparents who were going to take her back home.

We had a great weekend with only one minor setback. Sami ended up falling and needing six stitches in her head. After a few hours in the ER she was good as new. Like mother like daughter! She now has a scar on her forehead just like me. I guess everyone needs a few battle wounds!

Even with the hospital visit we still had a good time. Samantha wanted pizza for dinner, so after the ER we headed to The Pizza Factory. We love this restaurant and usually hit it every time we are in St. George. We then went to the pool. Sami was sad that she could not show off her new swimming skills that she learned in lessons last week, but maybe next time.

The boys thought the weekend was a great success when they caught a lizard in the backyard.

We are grateful for our great family and all of the love and support that they give us. There are always going to be issues that come up in life. My dad had to remind me that there will never be a time when everything goes perfectly. We just have to learn to smile and laugh and deal with things the best that we can. Life would be so much harder if we did not have such the great support system that we are blessed with!


Brittany said...

I feel your pain when it comes to the car thing! My van is currently in the shop and has been for almost 3 days! The A/C broke along with a few other things, costing us a grand total of $650! I guess you just have to roll with the punches... I spent 1 day driving around 6 months prego without A/C and really almost died! We too were hoping the van would last just 10 more months! Hey at least you got a new car out of it! Can't wait to see it! :)
I'm so glad you had fun in St. George eventhough Sami ended up getting stitches! I hope she's feeling alright! :)

The Bischoff's said...

aw that is no fun, but you are really lucky to have family close to come to your rescue! We really took that for granted when we lived so close to family! It's a whole new world for us now! :)
Glad you got to have a great time with your family though!

Jason and Melissa said...

That's so true about family and about life not going how you plan it. I'm sorry your car didn't last. Way to get it in perspective! And recognize your blessings! Good luck the next 10 months.

Wade and Jessica Heiselbetz said...

Sorry about the car and the stitches-but glad to hear you got a new one. You know I would give you a ride anytime, plus it was super hot that day and you had a long way to go, I am just glad we happened to notice that was you!