Tuesday, June 16, 2009

G.A.T.E. Open House

Austin had his G.A.T.E. Open House last week. Every year the GATE class studies a new theme. This year is was on Change. How things have changed, how certain people changed the world, how different events or invention have changed our society. At the end of the year each student has to create a project of their choosing on something that relates to the theme. This year Austin chose to do his project on the Evolution of Books. He choose the topic on his own. We were very impressed with what he choose and the direction that he wanted to take with it. This class is definitely helping him to "think outside the box." He discussed the different ways that books evolved from oral stories, to different printing processes and then to the new era of digital books. His presentation board and model turned out very well. His teacher kept telling us how impressed she was. (That sounded a little on the braggy side , but what the heck!) We are very proud of him and all of his hard work.
Way to go Austin!


The Bischoff's said...

that looks similar to the light bulb class that Jaymz did. Its so great to see them doing good things! Good Job Austin!