Thursday, April 30, 2009

Utah Trip

While Matt was in between semesters, we took the boys out of school and headed up to Utah. My sister blessed her darling baby while we were there. It happened to SNOW that day! I kept muttering under my breath that the weather was not enticing us to want to move back there. We had a great time with our family and friends. Below are a few of the highlights from the trip in no particular order....

1. My favorite was being able to run outside in the crisp morning air, down the lake road and hear nothing but the birds, the creek and the horses. It was nice to be able to stop in at my dads barn and visit with him in the early mornings.

2. Dinner at the "Bombay House"! Yummy! It is the best Indian food around and it has been years since we have been there.

3. Visiting Temple Square and lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was Samantha's and Ava's first visit to "the biggest temple ever." We went with my mom and sister and Kambree. The temple grounds were blooming and beautiful!

4. Ridding Maggie! Sami is obsessed with one of my grandpas horses. Every time we go up she wants to ride and grandpa Mel is more than happy to oblige. Austin and Easton love it because Maggie is the best mare in the world. She will follow those two any where they go!

5. Family dinners, lunch at Parkers and hot dog roasts!

6. Splitting and stacking wood with Matt for Grandma and Grandpa. This was by far the boys' favorite part. They do not get the opportunity to work outside all that much, (vacuuming the AstroTurf is not quite the same) so they had a blast.

7. And finally we ran our first family 5K run on Saturday. It was the Annual Law Day Run at the University of Utah. Being that Matts family is overflowing with attorneys, it turned into a family event. The boys did amazing! Matt and I each took a boy and stuck with them. It was raining in sheets the entire time, but all in all we still did pretty good. Austin and I finished in about 37 minutes and Matt and Easton were only about a minute and thirty seconds behind us. They were very tired and cold, but are ready to do it again to beat their time!

We love being able to spend time with our families. Even with the drama and everything else that comes a long with big families, we wouldn't trade it for anything!


Mel said...

Ahhh - Utah. So beautiful and yet so cold!! You guys look like you are freezing in the 5K picture. I love stacking wood too - the smell is wonderful and there is something so satisfying in a well-stacked wood pile. Call me crazy...

Brittany said...

What a fun and eventful trip! Sounds like your morning runs were peaceful... ahhhh to run and hear nothing but birds! So I'm assuming there were trees, since you could hear birds... I NEVER hear birds here! Oh that's because there aren't any trees! Hahaha :) Anyway glad you had a fun trip! BTW I love the Bombay House too... so delicious! :)

Jason and Melissa said...

Looks like a great trip! One question: how do you always keep your kids so clean and well-groomed? I'd love some tips! My kids get sweaty and dirty so fast!