Thursday, April 9, 2009

BouLdeR CitY!

I have always loved Boulder City. The quaint, small town feel that is there is so comforting for me. You actually see kids walking down to the local candy store by themselves and you feel that it is ok. I took the kids out there to day to take a few pictures of Ava for her 2nd birthday.
(Sami had just fallen down, and she was ruined for the day)
After the always fun and non-stressful task of taking pictures of four totally cooperative kids, we headed into the historic part of town to do a little exploring. I had noticed a small candy and ice cream store a while ago and wanted to give it a try. It was so cute. They have a lot of old fashioned candy and they also make hand dipped chocolates, carmel apples and fresh salt water taffy. It is called Grandma Daisys in case any one wants to check it out.

Down the street from the candy store there is an antique store that had a sign for glass blowing demonstrations. We decided to check it out. The store itself is full of antiques and a lot of hand made crafts. A lot of the crafts are made by senior citizens that are "supplementing their social security" as I was told by the sales clerk. The glass blower was a 72 year old man. He showed the kids how he makes the little animals and made each of them a small item to take home.

We then took our picnic to the park for a few hours. We had a great day. I really enjoy the days that we can spend together and I love that my kids are now getting older and it is a little less stressful to take them out in public! (Although Ava did drop her first glass souvenir, but the kind man gave her a new one)


Brooke said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Today we wanted to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AVA! The pictures look great.

I will have to take my kids downtown one of these days. I hope you guys have a great Easter Holiday!

Brittany said...

Cute pics! We need to go hang out in Boulder City... I'm sure we'd love the candy store! I LOVE salt water taffy! What a fun filled day! Happy Birthday Ava! BTW Sami still looks cute... even if she was ruined for the day! :)