Saturday, December 22, 2012

Party Time

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved going to my grandma and grandpa's Christmas party. There is always the same program, same food, and the same activities, but I love it. Due to the craziness of life, we have not been able to make it the past few years. This year my Grandma asked me months in advance and made sure that we would be in town. I really appreciated the fact that she wanted our family there, that she waited until we were in town. I loved growing up next door to my grandparents. I have a lot of childhood memories with them. I am grateful that my children will have memories with them as well.

 Ava got to be Mary in the Nativity this year with Grant as Joseph

 Kambree and Brinlee as angles

 Sami was a Wise Man
 Grandma giving the orders

 Talent Show time

 Cooper was a fantastic MC, and told some fantastic jokes!

 Austin asking for an AR15 Rifle (not happening!!)
 Sami asked for a necklace with her birthstone in it.

 Easton asked for a blow dart gun

 Ava asked for an iPod (again, not happening)