Monday, September 28, 2009

Dominican Republic Trip

Matt was able to spend 10 days in the Dominican Republic in August. He went with the G3 Foundation that does humanitarian dental work down there every year. I sent him with a camera and I soon realized why I am always the one taking the pictures when he came home with out taking a single one! He finally got some from his friends so now I can write about it.

The country is beautiful and reminded Matt a lot of his time in Brazil. It was lush, green, and beautiful. It is an extremely poor and impoverished country. The people are beautiful and very thankful for what help you can offer. These pictures broke my heart. The people live and survive any way that they can. They bathe in the streets, sell what they can at the markets, and do what they can to sustain themselves. Matt and the crew spent time in three different locations. They would transport all of their equipment and set up their operatives in the run down buildings that were arranged for them. The bottom right photo is of the restroom at the school. They were told that a local woman came and scrubbed for two hours to make it presentable for them. One day was designated just for children. When they arrived, there were over 1200 kids waiting for them. Parents were begging and pleading for their children to receive care. There was a lot of amazing procedures that were done. Because of the time constraints a lot of the focus was on pain control and aesthetics. There were people that had not smiled for years that had there teeth fixed and walked out with a beautiful new smile.

I love to see Matt doing what he loves. This is proof that these last few years have been worth it. To see him helping people that are in such a desperate need, really brings me joy.

Before they left they were able to see the temple and the church were Christopher Columbus was buried for a time.

The doctors and students

It is uplifting to see such a group of men and women that are willing to use their skills to bless the lives of others. What a blessing to be able to serve and help those that can not help themselves.

(Three day old baby)


Emily said...

What an amazing experience! Can't wait to hang out with you guys next weekend! :)

JD and Rachelle said...

I couldn't help but cry as I looked at those pictures! I'm so glad that Matt had the opportunity to do that. With mixed emotions I am glad that he is almost done with school. . .I just don't want you guys to move away.

The Bischoff's said...

How awesome! He looks like he is in his element! So glad everything worked out for you guys!

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness what a fabulous experience! I love all of the pictures! I'm so glad he got the chance to do that! It's amazing what a new smile can do for a person! Way to go Matt!

Henderson Theobalds said...

Heartwarming and touching Danielle. You must be so proud of him! What a difference he can make in people's lives, by giving them confidence again.

And giving them something to smile about.