Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Girl Bed!

Ava reached the point last week that she decided she was too big for her crib. She wanted to sleep in a bed like Sami and wear a nightgown like Sami. We moved her into the trundle bed that we had under Sami's bed, and she loves it! We did find her on the floor in the morning for the first few nights, but she has been great about staying in and not getting out. We took down the crib for the last time. It was a little strange to think that we were putting the crib away until the grandkids come! She is still such a small little thing, but wants to be big (except for the whole potty thing, that is my new summer job.)


Emilie said...

The girls look so cute! Do you like your trundle bed? When we move Allie into Kourtney's room I was thinking about getting one. You will have to let me know.

Amanda said...

you girls are so darn CUTE!!!!!!

Mel said...

Putting it away until the grandkids come...that sounds so final.

Can you believe you are done being pregnant? And nursing? And that you look 19 still? The rest of us are still muddling over that last one too. What's your secret - cute, tiny-waisted mom of the year??