Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday EAsToN!

Easton turned 7 today! Man my kids are getting so old. We had a great weekend of celebration. He had a friend party on Saturday and then we celebrated with our family on Sunday complete with Eastons choice of T-bone steak for dinner!
Matt is busy with finals, so we needed to celebrate when he was home. Easton was most excited about his new robe that he got! What child wants and is excited about a robe?

We had grand plans to go spend his birthday money and go to lunch today, but Ava decided to get sick and earned us all a trip to the hospital. Easton was so sweet when I apologized to him for having to spend his birthday in the Drs office and the hospital but he said,"It's ok mom I just want Ava to get feeling better." That shows Eastons true nature and personality.
A few things that I love about Easton are
* He has one of the kindest, most tender hearts of any one I know.
* He always tries his best and does not give up.
* He tries hard to be obedient and to do what he is asked.
* He is all boy, he loves to wrestle, play hard and work hard.
* He has no issues playing tea party with his little sisters!
* He has a genuine concern for other people.
I am grateful for Easton in our family. He brings such happiness and laughter into our home.
Happy Birthday East, we love you!!
(And seriously WHAT is up with my camera!)


Mel said...

What a sweet heart Easton has. How cute!