Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!

We had a great weekend of birthdays around here! I turned 31 on Saturday and Austin turned 10 on Monday. I wasn't feeling old until I realized that my oldest was 10! That is a little hard to swallow. I know people say it all the time, but I can not believe how fast he has grown. He is such a great kid and a major influence for good in our family. Austin is a very responsible and caring boy. I always comment on how glad I am that he came first in our family. Austin loves donuts, so he opted for a donut cake and he chose crepes with cream for dinner! You can tell who has the sweet tooth in our family!

<;div>We celebrated by going down to Primm to ride the roller coaster and log ride, have lunch and go to the outlet mall. Austin was talking about riding the roller coaster for weeks; until we got there. He said, "I didn't remember it being that big!" Needless to say I rode with Easton, and Austin decided that he would ride next time. We had a great family day playing arcade, riding rides, and shopping. I love that Austin would rather still spend time with us and not need to have a friend party. I know that this will not be the case forever! Just a few things I love about Austin:
*He is very serious about his school and I don't have to worry much about him in that repsect.
*When he is genuinly happy, he has the best smile!
*He is always willing to share and play with Easton. They don't fight all that much. Hopefully that won't change!
*He loves to spend time with our family, especially his dad!
*He has a very sweet and caring personality. He is getting better with the concept that the world does not revolve around him.
*He does not ask for much and understands when we have to say no.
*He reminds me a lot of myself, good and bad!


Amanda said...

OMGOODNESS!!!! Happy Birthday! to both of you! He is a great and super handsome kids. If it makes you feel any better- I will ALWAYS be older than you;)

Mike and Alleen said...

Happy Birthday, It sounds like you had a fun weekend. I'm with Austin on the sweets! He is really growing up, I loved having him in scouts. What a good kid! You've done well!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!! and Happy Birthday to Austin... such a cutie! Let's get together soon-I'm hoping to be coming out of my nausea any day!!!

Schofield's said...

You guys are awesome!!! Happy Birthday! Love you guys.

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! I'm still older than you! Hahahaha! I'm glad you guys had a fun family day!

Nikole said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Danielle! I hope you had a great day. I can totally understand Austin not wanting to ride that rollercoaster. I have ridden it, and I think a few things came out of my mouth that I'm not proud of. :) It was so scary! What a fun family day.