Friday, October 10, 2008


Now that Sami thinks that she is old enough to have a schedule, Ava and I have a few hours a day that we are alone. Between pre-school, ballet, and play group Samantha is scheduled out every morning but Wednesday for a few hours. She wakes up every day and asks what day it is and she actullly asks what is on the "schedule" for the day.

I love the time that Ava and I are able to spend together. She is such a happy baby and she makes all of us laugh. She does not want to talk much, but she seems to be able to communicate with us in her own way. Her best trick, and one that the boys think is hilarious, is when she really wants something. She clenches up her fists and holds them close to her face and squeezes really hard. While doing this she tries to say please which comes out as "Eeezzzzz." We all laugh and of course give her what she wants. Her vocabulary consists of about 10 words, but she always seems to get what she wants. I guess that is one of the perks of being the baby!


Emilie said...

There is something great about this age for kids hu? I have been enjoying Allie so much! Eva is such a beautiful girl, I can't believe she keeps the flowers in her hair :)

Jason and Melissa said...

What a cutie!

Nikole said...

Hi Danielle and Matt! I came across your blog through Melissa Theobald's blog. Ava is so cute. Good to see you are all doing well! Brandon always talks about how much he misses Matt. Our daughter Addyson is almost one...time goes so fast! Take Care!
Nikole Scheaffer

Hill Family said...

Hello! It was so nice to hear from you! Even though we just live down the street, it always seems so long between visits, so I'm glad I can peek in on you guys now!
Your kids are so beautiful! They should be on magazine covers! :)