Monday, June 30, 2008


We are trying to stay cool in the 110 degree weather and that is not always easy to do! We found a great little sprinkler park in Boulder City. There is hardly anyone ever there. The boys were not all that excited to go, but once they got there they did not want to leave. Ava and Sami,(it's Sami not Samantha we have been informed) had such a blast. The kids are so funny to watch when they play together and try to formulate plans to get mom and dad as soaked as they are!


Emilie said...

I don't know how you survive the heat, it must be horrible. But looks like a fun place to cool off, it was good seeing you at the wedding even if it was only for a couple minutes!

Schofield's said...

Abby saw this and was wishing that we were still in "Las Begas with Las Begas Sammi" I'm sorry that it's just way too hot there. MIss you guys!